It is an old Aussie tradition for pooches to travel on the back of the ute or truck. However, RSPCA statistics show around 5000 dogs each year are injured or killed as a result of falling from a motor vehicle. Frightening numbers for something we view to be so harmless.

Restraints should be long enough for the dog to stand, lie down and turn around but not so long that the dog can reach the sides of tray. It is important to remember the tether must be short enough to prevent the dog from falling over the edge of the ute and hanging itself.

No amount of proper restraints can substitute common sense. Always be mindful of your dog in the tray. Keep an eye on your best mate and make sure he is enjoying any trip safely inside or outside your vehicle!

Tether one end of the Loopy Ute Tie to the centre of your vehicle and the other end to your best mate. Adjust to desired length.
To shorten pull knot end
To lengthen pull loop end

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    “For the past three years we have relied on Loopy Leads to ensure the dogs we help are kept safe during the processes we use to save them. You will not find a better product, I have tested these leads beyond the limits of all others and they are simply the best! ”
    - Michael Burling, The Dogfather Dog Training
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