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  • horse-lead-red-loop

    14mm Horse Lead $35.00

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    14mm lead with loop clip connection allowing changeable clip. Large Brass Snap included.   Soft on the hands, strong and durable.  Available in all the Loopy Colours.

  • horse-lead-2

    20mm Horse Lead $40.00

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    Make a statement with the Loopy 20mm horse lead.  Extra sturdy with a large brass clip spliced directly to the lead. 2.4m in length

  • Double Handle2

    8mm Double Handle Lead $39.00

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    The 8mm leads are perfect for all dog breeds, super soft and super strong on both humans and pooches. Light enough to be used in you training with 120cm length you can give your dog some loose leash practice with the security of a short handle for confidence.

  • 8mm-lead-180cm

    8mm Lead (180cm) $32.50

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    The 8mm leads are perfect for all dog breeds, and with the 180cm length you can give your dog some room to move. Hand-Spliced & Hand-Sewn marine grade cordage, these leads are designed to be strong and durable while nice and light in your hand.

  • horse-float-stable-tie-pink-2

    Float/Stable Ties $26.00

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    The perfect solution for your float or stable. Designed with a loop in one end for securing to float or wall and a safety quick release clip.

  • IMG_3981

    Fun Reins $39.00

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    3m in length, designed for fashion and comfort with a brass scissor clip for easy attachment.  Available in all the Loopy colours to make a statement.  Add a little fun to your beach visits, bush rides and fun riding.  They stay soft, bright and comfortable and can be easily machine washed.  

  • horse-halter

    Horse Halter Lead $45.00

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    Comfortable and easy to use.  One size fits all.  Adjustable sizing, complete with a leather stopper for a secure fit.  Machine washable, its so easy but choosing your favourite colour isn’t.  Available in all the Loopy Colours.

  • horse-twin-reins-blue

    Split Reins $43.00

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    Constructed from 14mm cordage, each rein is 1.6m in length with a brass scissor clip for easy attachment.

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    “For the past three years we have relied on Loopy Leads to ensure the dogs we help are kept safe during the processes we use to save them. You will not find a better product, I have tested these leads beyond the limits of all others and they are simply the best! ”
    - Michael Burling, The Dogfather Dog Training
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